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Pray for Y U O

Pray for Yourself Us Others



Natasha W and family - passing of her mother

Jeannie N and family - health and healing

Jeanette N - health and healing

Nyeste family

Elisabeth W - health and healing

Gangamaya B - peace with ex husband

Cindy H - health and healing

Larissa T - health / new baby Parker

Ross and Diane T, son Kelly

Frank and Trudy

Janet C - health and healing, healing for her father

Mike and Brianna G - health / rest / new baby Mackenzie


Todd, Krystal, Connor and Hannah (BGC / Nepal)

Kene and Millie Jackson (NEFC)

Ken W (HIS / Nepal) currently in Nepal

Langdon Community Church Leadership (pastoral family, elders and group leaders)

Camp Chestermere

Reach Out Ministry (Nepal)

Alfred and Diane Unger (Roads to Mexico)


PERSECUTED CHURCH (Voice of the Martyrs)