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Updated December 12, 2018



Linda L - health and healing

Linda N - health and healing

Tovi C - health and healing

Elisabeth W - health and healing

Gangamaya B - peace with ex husband

Aileen K - strength and encouragement

Cindy H - health and healing

Eric T - loss of father

Ross T, son Kelly

Todd W - health and healing


Todd, Krystal, Connor and Hannah (BGC / Nepal)

Kene and Millie Jackson (NEFC)

Ken W (HIS / Nepal)

Langdon Community Church Leadership (pastoral family, elders and group leaders)

Camp Chestermere

Reach Out Ministry (Nepal)


Weekly Bible studies

Youth and Kids Ministry Events

Christmas Outreach

PERSECUTED CHURCH (Voice of the Martyrs)

Country - MEXICO

Major Religions: Catholic 89.3%, Evangelical 8.0%

Note: We are citing stats from the Mexican National Institute of Stats and Geography (INEGI).

Prevalent Ideology: Catholic Syncretism

Leader: President Enrique Peña Nieto

Description: Mexico has the second largest economy in Latin America, but rural areas are often neglected.

Life for Christians: Rural Catholics in the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero (among others) see evangelicals as a threat to their way of life. Local leaders also view them as a threat because they don’t participate in town rituals involving heavy drinking and worship of saints and other deities. Some villages post signs reading, “No Other Religions Allowed.” Evangelicals are often expelled from their communities, losing land, homes and crops. Pastors and Christian workers have been threatened with death.

VOM work: VOM supports front-line workers who share the gospel and plant churches in these regions.