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Updated April 17, 2019



Linda L - health and healing

Linda N - health and healing

Elisabeth W - health and healing

Gangamaya B - peace with ex husband

Aileen K - strength and encouragement

Cindy H - health and healing

Eric T - loss of father

Larissa T - health / new baby Parker

Ross and Diane T, son Kelly

Frank and Trudy

Terri T family - loss of a family member in an accident only 20 years old

Janet C - health and healing

Millie J - health and healing

Linda - safety and returned home

Brianna G - health and healing


Todd, Krystal, Connor and Hannah (BGC / Nepal)

Kene and Millie Jackson (NEFC)

Ken W (HIS / Nepal)

Langdon Community Church Leadership (pastoral family, elders and group leaders)

Camp Chestermere

Reach Out Ministry (Nepal)

Alfred and Diane Unger (Roads to Mexico)


Weekly Bible studies

Youth and Kids Ministry Events

PERSECUTED CHURCH (Voice of the Martyrs)

Country - SYRIA

Major Religions: Islam 90.1%, Christianity 5.9%

Prevalent Ideology: Islam

Leader: President Bashar al-Asad

Description: Large swaths of Syrian territory remain in the hands of Islamist rebel groups since the 2011 uprising. More than 4 million refugees have fled the country, and many more remain displaced.

Life for Christians: Syria was once religiously diverse and protective of Christians’ rights. But today both Orthodox and evangelical Christians are targets of the Islamists. Christian villages have been overrun, churches destroyed and believers abused or driven out.

VOM work: VOM provides Bibles, training, and other ministry support to churches. VOM provides blankets, food, water, and other aid to Chrisitans that are suffering at the hands of Muslim terrorist groups.