who we are

Our vision at Langdon Community Church is to glorify God through the churches mission of making disciples who live out and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Formerly known as Langdon Baptist Church, we are affiliated with the Baptist General Conference of Alberta / Canada. For details on what we believe, please review our Affirmation of Faith, found on the BGC website.

our story


Langdon Baptist Church came into being in 1930 following evangelistic meetings held in the Women's Institute building. Mr. Witmar of Indiana was the evangelist. Later, Mr. Aberhart was invited to establish a church. Meetings were held in the vacant pool room and gospel teams consisting of teams from Prophetic Bible Institute of Calgary, later to be known as Berean Bible College. Mr. Ernest Manning, later to become Alberta's Premier, was among several men who came as gospel teams to Langdon. The pool room building was later sold and for a short while meetings were held in Sam Scott's barber shop, then moved to the Women's Institute until the old Royal Bank building was purchased and converted into a church.

Langdon Baptist Church was incorporated on June 8, 1949. After a length of time the old building was deteriorating and the congregation decided on March 10, 1961 to build a new building. May 17, that same year, the sod was turned and on March 11, 1962, one year and one day later a dedication service was held in the new sanctuary. Due to growing numbers of children attending Sunday school classes, and a lack of space to accommodate them, it was decided on April 24, 1987 to add a new necessary education wing. The sod was turned on May 31, 1987. After much work, dedication and sacrificial giving less than a year later this new Sunday school facility was dedicated to the Lord; that he might bless and cause us to multiply for his sake.

Praise the Lord for His continued faithfulness throughout the years and his promises for unwavering faithfulness to his people in the years to come.