HIS nepal 2019

May 2

Hi everyone. I arrived safely in Nepal last night, about 1 hour delayed due to a storm in Kathmandu. Thanks for your prayers. Today Pastor Bidur and I are planning the next 4 weeks. We will be going to Chautera, Kheraghari, Nuwakot, and back here in Imadole, a suburb of Kathmandu. Please pray for the growth in Christ of both pastors and church leaders.

May 10

Got back from Chautera after a very successful week teaching Genesis to 2 Samuel. 18 were in attendance. The pastor of the church is in charge of 18 other congregations, so he couldn't attend much, but he said after 45 minutes of listening in one session, he realized how valuable the training was.Tomorrow we start teaching the same course in Keraghari, about 2 hours from Kathmandu. I would appreciate your prayers. I am also afflicted with a heat rash. Temperatures have been around 30. Please pray for this to disappear.

May 19

I had a wonderful week last week, teaching in Keraghari to 22 students who were very attentive. The pastor attended almost all sessions, and was blessed by the teaching. After a partial day of rest we are now in Nuwakot, near the China border west of Kathmandu. Timing of transportation has been a problem, so we just arrived here for a 5 day class. Pray as we begin the old Testament that students see how the two Testaments tie together as one.

May 24

I am back In Kathmandu. Nuwakot was about 40 C during the day, so our classes began at 6 am and we quit at noon. There was nothing else to do, but try to sleep for a couple of hours, while flies buzzed you ears. We had 12 committed students among whom were several pastors. One commented that he had been focusing on the New Testament, but realized now how important the Old Testament is to understand the NT. This morning I preach to a local congregation. Most weeks we travel back and forth 1 day, I teach 5 days, and I preach one day. The pace is steady, but the blessings are many. So many appreciate hearing fresh truths from the Word of God. Please pray for me, that I may wait on the Lord, so that i may run and not grow weary, as there are many requests to teach and preach. New requests come from different parts of the country, as they hear what we are doing. Pray also for your beloved Christian brothers and sisters in Nepal, who hunger and thirst for the Word of God. They are filled with joy and a living faith that is refreshing.

May 26

Yesterday we began a new class in Kathmandu. 16 are in attendance so far. More coming today. I have not taught all of the material in this course before, would appreciate prayers for clarity of mind. Also, 2 explosions happened yesterday in Kathmandu, believed to be the work of a splinter Maoist party, who thinks the current ruling Maoist party has become corrupt. The explosions were no where near me, but political activity is rising

June 1

We had an excellent class this week. Over 20 in attendance. We finished the 2nd part of the Old Testament, and a new one day record of teaching 17 OT books in one day, after giving an overview which helps to understand the big picture of all those books. Good thing it is a survey course. Tonight i leave for my granddaughters' graduation (on my own dime) in Vancouver. Will head back to Nepal this next Saturday morning. That means two 24 hour flights and an 11 hour time change each direction. Please pray for my health and sleep this week, and a blessed time with my family. When i return to Nepal next Sunday, I will be headed to a major area in Lamjung, then Dhading, the following week, to teach course 1 on Bible Study methods and Rules of Interpretation. No rest for the servants of God. May God bless you all, and I continue to pray for you.